"Heart of Del Rey" Kicks Off Downtown Del Rey Outreach Effort

Del Rey volunteers are working hard to create a Del Rey “Great Streets Challenge” plan designed to improve the atmosphere, appearance and usability of Centinela Avenue between Short Avenue and Braddock Drive in Del Rey. 

 The volunteer group has selected the program name Heart of Del Rey, which embodies the aspirational value of Centinela Avenue as the central business district and the area that will provide a sense of community and place for Del Rey. Centinela Avenue has a unique mix of shopping and service opportunities, all locally owned and independent, that support local schools, sports and community programs.

 “We are rolling out a survey to poll local constituents on how they use Centinela Avenue now, what they consider necessary physical improvements, and what role they see for Centinela Avenue in the future,” said Ron Kato, member of the Board of Directors. 

The Heart of Del Rey Committee is seeking unfiltered opinions on what you like and don't like about Centinela Avenue. They ask for your help to transform the street into a dynamic community hub. Please allow 5 minutes to take the survey

Extreme Makeover Possible for Centinela Ave

Area for rejuvenation.

Centinela Avenue is a main thoroughfare for residents of Del Rey and neighboring communities. It’s never been officially identified as Del Rey’s main street. That may be about to change, however, as Del Rey was among 10 winners of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Great Streets Challenge Grant announced on June 19. 

The $15,000 grant to beautify and activate the Del Rey community’s urban core puts Del Rey in the running for one of four $500,000 implementation grants. 

Through the Great Streets program, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s goal is to have a main street in every LA neighborhood for residents to walk, shop and eat without having to bring their cars.

Del Rey community leaders will be seeking neighborhood input through robust public outreach, including surveys and listening sessions over the next few months. The specific area for rejuvenation is Centinela Avenue between Short Avenue and Braddock Drive. 

The initiative is titled “Heart of Del Rey,” aptly named to reflect the effort to build community identity and pride by creating a main street for all Del Reyans to enjoy.